School 1


Curriculum Committee is the cornerstone of ANova. We create, optimize, and maintain the curriculum taught by our members and Curriculum Committee members are often the site leaders at their respective schools.

School 2


The Events Committee is in charge of hosting ANova Hacks: a beginner hackathon that provides mentorship and guidance as students use skills learned in the classroom to create solutions for problems in our everyday lives. Events Committee also hosts workshops to enhance learned material, and collaborates with tech companies to provide campus tours.

School 3

External Relations

The Outreach Committee is responsible for organizing and hosting info-sessions and other events with top tech companies as well as securing funding from outside sponsors for transportation and our hackathon, ANova Hacks.

School 4


School 5


Publicity Committee handles creating any material for publicity including flyers, event banners, and social media content. Members of Publicity Committee will also act as historians for the club, attending club events and sites as photographers.

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