ANova Hacks 2018 was our first 24-hour hackathon for high school students. Over the course of the day, students worked in teams of four to design and code a challenging project of their choosing.

Planning for ANova Hacks 2019 in Progress!



Teams can opt to have an ANova mentor who will guide them throughout the day, from generating project ideas and collaborating to implementing those ideas and polishing a final product that will be showcased during the judging process. Prizes will be awarded to the top teams.

This is a great opportunity for our students to not only apply what they have been learning in the classroom, but also be exposed to crucial skills used in industry and have a better understanding of life after high school.


At ANova Hacks 2018, we welcomed over 120 students from high schools all over the Bay. This diverse group of hackers was composed primarily of students from under-resourced high schools.

ANova Hacks provides the unique opportunity to meet and connect with others while being exposed to cutting-edge technologies used in both industry and academia. This intersectional experience yields new ideas and approaches to traditional problems.



Workshops and panels

ANova Hacks provides beginner-friendly and intermediate workshops over the course of the hackathon, ranging from general college informational workshops, to demos in the Berkeley Robotics Lab and demos of Virtual Reality hardware, to an intro workshop in mobile application development (Android.)

We also offer transitional workshops from block coding (i.e. Scratch, Snap) to languages used in industry (i.e. Python, Java). ANova Hacks aims to cater to each student's needs regardless of their experience, so that by the end of the day, they will have a finished product to show-off to their friends and family.



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