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What is ANova?

ANova is a student organization dedicated to improving computer science education in under-resourced communities across the Bay Area. We partner with middle and high school teachers and administrators to develop curriculum catered individually for each classroom. Our outreach and mentorship efforts strive to introduce students of all backgrounds to computer science.


Our Mission

Find out more about our organization, our core values, and our outreach efforts.



Active Mentors

Our members are a tight-knit group driven by a common passion: educational outreach through computer science mentorship.




Each week, our mentors teach uniquely developed curriculum at local middle and high schools across the Bay Area.



Hackathons (and counting!)

Every year, ANova hosts ANova Hacks: a 24-hour hackathon for beginner hackers.


Our Projects

Throughout the year, our committees work on various projects such as curriculum building, web development, and event planning. Find out what ANova is currently working on!


ANova Hacks

Our events committee plans one of ANova’s main events of the year: ANova Hacks, a beginner-friendly hackathon for high school students in the Bay Area.

ANova Hacks 2019

ANova Labs

Our technology committee is currently working on ANova Labs — a central web portal for mentors and students to access curriculum, track progress, and communicate with each other.


Meet The

Officer Team

Get to know our current ANova officer team and mentors that power our organization.