Our Team




The Community Chair aims to develop and strengthen the bonds between the members of ANova. The club has two big social events a year: a general member retreat at the beginning of the semester, as well as a banquet at the end of the semester. These events, along with various internal socials throughout the semester, aim to welcome new members onto the ANova team as well as nurture the club's community.



Curriculum Committee is the heart of ANova. We create and support curriculum that is centered on our student’s life experiences. We create innovative, fun programming projects while researching and implementing the most effective educational tools that best serve our students. We educate ourselves on best teaching and learning practices while iterating on our curriculum by gathering feedback from our students, mentors, and teachers.



The target of our mentorship program is towards under-resourced urban youth in the Bay Area. Our responsibility as the GM team is to provide sociological and historical context of the communities we serve. If we don’t understand the communities we serve, we cannot effectively be role models and mentors to the students. Our general meeting is the soul of ANova. We work to maintain the integrity of the club's mission statement by constantly educating ourselves and our members.



Events Committee plans ANova’s biggest event of the year, ANova Hacks! We work hard to ensure ANova Hacks is the best possible experience for our students, and that includes sponsorship, marketing, and logistics. In addition, we organize other amazing opportunities such as trips to major Silicon Valley companies like Facebook and Google.



External Relations Committee is responsible for securing funding from outside sponsors for transportation and our hackathon, ANova Hacks. We hold fundraisers, apply to grants, as well as communicate with companies to support our club finances.



The Finance Chair manages all funds for all programs within ANova. This includes a variety of tasks from allocating budgets to ANova committees to working with various on campus partners such as the ASUC, PSC, and ESC. The goal of this position is to secure and maintain funding so ANova can continue to implement its mission statement effectively.



Professional Development Committee is responsible for helping the members of the club achieve their academic and career goals by hosting resume workshops, mock interviews, and study sessions. We focus on the internal development of the club to ensure that our members are well-prepared for their classes and future careers.



Publicity Committee handles creating any material for publicity including flyers, event banners, and social media content. Members of Publicity Committee will also act as historians for the club, attending club events and sites as photographers. Also memes.



The Site Leader Committee ensures smooth execution of the ANova mission statement. By sending one site leader to each site, we make sure every site has the resources and knowledge needed to teach/mentor students of under-resourced communities.



Technology committee develops projects to support Anova’s technology needs. Currently, we are developing our web portal built for mentors and students to access curriculum material, track progress, and communicate with each other. Previously, we developed a device management system for our 70+ laptops.