ANova Hacks 2019 FAQ


For Parents:

For Students:

Who will be in charge of my child at ANova Hacks?

  • ANova mentors; all highly qualified, medical experience available, etc.

  • Covo staff

  • Students will be monitored 24/7: exiting Covo will be closely watched with ID systems, check-out systems

How will my child get to/from ANova Hacks?

  • Mentors will meet students at Powell St. BART station to pick them up

  • Mentors will walk students to Powell St. BART station to drop them off

  • Parents can also choose to drop students off and pick students up directly in front of Covo

  • A check-in and check-out system will be used when students enter and exit the venue

What if my child cannot bring a laptop?

  • Thanks to our partnership with Facebook, we have Macbook Pros available for all students to use during the hackathon!

  • Laptops will contain top-of-the-line software that students will need at the hackathon.

What is ANova Hacks?

  • A 24-hour hackathon hosted by Berkeley ANova for high school students from underresourced communities and backgrounds

  • An opportunity for students with little to no background in computer programming to see their unique projects come to life

  • A chance to go beyond the classroom, merging the fundamental computer science techniques taught at our weekly site visits with workshops geared towards the construction of a project   

  • A space for students to learn valuable skills in workshops like web design, college admissions, and more, all led by experienced ANova mentors and industry engineers

Why should I go to ANova Hacks?

  • To collaborate with other students with similar interests to work on cool projects

  • To take advantage of 24 hours of quality resources and mentorship provided by experienced ANova mentors

  • To learn valuable skills in computer science that can be applied towards future personal passion projects

  • To indulge in three free meals, get free swag, make new friends, learn new topics, and code!

When is ANova Hacks?

  • Friday, March 15th, 2019 @ 6PM - Saturday, March 16th, 2019 @ 6PM

Where will ANova Hacks be?

  • Covo, San Francisco

  • 981 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103

  • Located very close to Powell St. BART station

How much will ANova Hacks cost?

  • ANova Hacks is completely FREE to all accepted attendees!

  • Travel reimbursements in the form of BART tickets will be provided for students upon request

How will travel reimbursements work?

  • Once you’re accepted, we’ll release a form allowing you to opt into receiving a BART ticket loaded with the exact amount for two trips to and from the BART station closest to your school and Powell St. BART Station

  • Tickets will be mailed to your college counselor or an applicable point of contact at your high school

What will be provided?

  • Dinner, breakfast, and lunch (sponsored by Facebook)

  • Snacks throughout the course of the hackathon

  • 24/7 mentorship from experienced ANova mentors to give advice and guidance in your projects

  • Interactive, hands-on workshops led by experienced mentors and engineers

  • FREE ANova Hacks sleeping bags for you to keep (sponsored by Facebook)

  • FREE ANova Hacks t-shirt

  • FREE swag from industry sponsors

What are the prize categories and prizes?

  • Best Social Good

    • How can you use code to make your community a better place? Can you identify possible solutions for important social issues that impact the world around you?

    • Prizes: Xbox One S (sponsored by Microsoft Teals)

  • Best Beginner

    • Are you a first-time hacker and/or have never programmed before? We’re looking for beginner teams eager to demonstrate what they’ve learned throughout the hackathon in an original project.

    • Prizes: Polaroid cameras + film (sponsored by Facebook)

  • Best Education

    • Can you think of ways you can improve a student’s learning experience or teach someone something new?

    • Prizes: Herschel backpacks + Hydroflasks (sponsored by Facebook)

  • Best Security [SPONSOR: Facebook]

    • This is a fun security challenge you and your team can work on throughout the course of the hackathon!

    • Prizes: Amazon Echos (sponsored by Facebook)