Application Timeline:

Application Due - April 16th @ 11:59PM

Officer Interviews with Executive Team - April 17/18th

ANova Fall '17 Officer Board Results - April 19th


Executive Positions/Responsibilities for Fall '17



  • Handle internal and external logistics, primarily with regards to funding.
  • Establish corporate and inter-club relationships.
  • Manage and oversee all committees.


External Vice President

  • Coordinate external logistics of the club which includes setting up and maintaining contact with all of ANova sites.
  • Handle onboarding process for general members such as member allocation/adjustment in sites and site absences.
  • Manage and oversee all committees.

Internal Vice President

  • Coordinate internal logistics of the club such as event planning and venue reservation/allocation for committees and meetings.
  • Direct all aspects of general member recruitment.
  • Point of contact for all members.
  • Manage and oversee all committees.

Officer Positions/Responsibilities for Fall '17


Curriculum (2)

  • Site updates (student reception of curriculum)
  • Critiquing curriculum developed by site leaders (slides, worksheets, etc.)
  • Assisting site leaders to create curriculum


Events (2, year-long)

  • Annual Hackathon
  • Campus Tours
  • Workshops on under-resourced education
  • Club-wide Hack Events (work on projects for ANova)
  • Education Day


External Relations (1)

  • Create partnerships and sponsorships
  • Apply for outside grants
  • Info-sessions
  • Build public relations with other clubs


Professional Development (2)

Clarification: We are looking for qualified individuals who have completed an internship(s), have an in-depth knowledge of the software recruitment process, and have the capability to assist ANova members with their coursework and major declaration.

  • Technical Workshops
  • Mock Interviews/Interview Prep
  • Resume Workshops
  • Alumni Network
  • Test Bank/Course Help/Design Docs

Publicity (1)

  • Designs for flyers, stickers, etc.
  • Take pictures/make videos
  • Manage Social Media outlets
  • Jackets/T-shirts


Community (1)

  • Orientation
  • General Member Retreat
  • Socials
  • End-of-semester Banquet


Treasurer (1)

  • ASUC/ESS Funding
  • Talk to Millicent (Club Advisor)
  • Reimbursements from ASUC and schools
  • Keep track of money