Application Timeline:

Application Due - Sunday April 22nd @ 11:59PM

Officer Interviews with Executive Team - Monday April 23rd - Friday April 27th

ANova Fall '18 Officer Board Results - Monday April 30th


Officer Positions/Responsibilities for Fall '18



Curriculum (2)

As Curriculum Chair, you’re responsible for all site leaders/curriculum members and creating all relevant curriculum. You’ll be managing a committee with each member being responsible for a different site. You’re responsible for making sure that all site feedback is aggregated and addressed by presenting it to the officer team. We hope to create a curriculum that forms the backbone of our sites, generate appropriate lesson plans on a week to week basis, and provide a more comprehensive curriculum for our mentors that can be used as the basis for our workshops.


Community (1)

As Community Chair, you are responsible for hosting the club’s major events such as orientation, retreat, and banquet. You shape the club’s social dynamic and strive to develop relationships between general members by planning socials, leading club games, and making members feel welcome.


Technology (2)

As Tech Chair, you are responsible for coming up with technical solutions to help the club function. Your solutions will range from making quality-of-life improvements through handy programs and scripts to working on larger scale platforms such as mentor-student portals and resource distribution systems. As with other positions on the officer team, the Tech Chair position requires you to work in tandem with multiple committees at once.


Publicity (2)

As Publicity Chair, you are responsible for creating flyers, Facebook banners, and any other graphic design/marketing materials to develop our campus and community presence. You are in charge of advertising the club during recruitment and ANova Hacks, as well as managing the contents of the club website.


Events (2)

As Events Chair, you will be primarily responsible for planning and implementing ANova Hacks, the club’s annual Hackathon. This position lasts the entire year and requires you to handle event sponsorship, finances, logistics, attendance, and overall organization. You will also be responsible for workshops, food, and swag during the event. Furthermore, you are expected to find opportunities to organize events for our students, such as field trips to Facebook, Google, etc. or college workshops.

Professional Development (2)

As Professional Development Chair, you aim to build academic and professional mentoring services for the club. You are responsible for hosting study sessions for classes, resume reviews, and mock interviews to help general members succeed in their academic and professional endeavors. This position also comes with the responsibility to maintain an alumni network and to improve ANova’s relations with other clubs on campus.


Decal Advisor (1)

As DeCal Advisor, you will be responsible for teaching and facilitating the ANova DeCal which provides our members with adequate social context to effectively work with our students. This 1-unit course will be mandatory for new club members and highly recommended for returning members. During these classes, you will be facilitating discussions about service in under-resourced communities, doing workshops about teaching techniques, and hosting guest speakers. This position also entails planning workshops for retreat and orientation, both of which occur towards the start of the semester.



As Finance Chair, you are responsible for reimbursements and managing our money (Venmo, ASUC Accounts, ESC Accounts, etc.). This includes a variety of tasks from allocating committee budgets to working with various on campus partners such as the ASUC, PSC, and ESC. You will be responsible for the financial well being of the organization and to make sure ANova has enough funding for its activities and that all funds are being spent effectively. You are also expected to apply for grants with the goal of finding sustainable funding for the club.


External Relations (1)

As External Relations Chair, you are responsible for a variety of organizational projects with the goal of providing revenue for the organization. Projects include: fundraisers, concessions, and crowdfunding. This position requires you to coordinate with the Finance chairs to help provide complete financial reports to operational committee heads. You will also be in charge of coordinating with Publicity to perform the necessary outreach to ensure that planned events succeed.