Our Partnership with Facebook


ANova is a student organization at UC Berkeley dedicated to empowering and mentoring youth from under-resourced Bay Area communities about computer science. Our team of extremely dedicated and passionate mentors work with middle and high school students in the surrounding areas, enabling every student to have equal opportunity to be an integral part of disrupting the status quo through technology.

Today, we reached an important milestone, as Facebook generously recognized our impact within the community by donating 75 laptops to further our mission. As technology has become an integral part of society, these laptops enable us to expand our footprint as we continue to influence computer science education. The basis of our curriculum is rooted in access to a laptop, and we are excited that all of our students will be able to tangibly learn and understand the applications of their work. We hope to debut these new laptops at ANova Hacks 2018 on March 16-17 through our workshops.

On behalf of our mentors and students, we’d like to thank Facebook Cybersecurity for these laptops and we look forward to a fruitful partnership dedicated to carrying out our mission of bringing computer science education and technology to all youth, no matter their background.